Become a Process Server in Suffolk County, Long Island

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Process servers are tasked provide legal documents to the legal proceeding’s named defendants or clients. This includes complaints, court summons, private lawsuits, subpoenas, and other related court transactions. They deliver documents while at the same time ensure that they comply with the federal and state laws and follow all process server rules. Sometimes, the job entails dealing with aggressive or hysterical recipients, so necessary caution should be observed. In a report released by in 2016, process servers receive an average yearly salary of around $36,308.

Process Server Suffolk County NY

While this career does not require any degree, it is still necessary that one should complete the training program. Additionally, some state requires a completed or a license or certification issued by the state. Aside from these, those who wish to work as a process server must have a clean criminal history and a driver’s license. Moreover, the work requires dedication, patience, a polite or courteous personality, stamina, and knowledge of the federal and state laws. If you are among those who would like to be a process server in suffolk county or nassau county ny, here are the four steps that you have to do to become one.


Step 1: Finish the Training Program

Process server suffolk county or those located in other states are required to follow the necessary federal and state laws. Because of this, those who are interested are expected to complete the training programs. The training is usually available in sheriff’s offices, state associations, and at college campuses. In addition, the training program usually consists of training in state and federal laws and basic principles that outline the serving procedure. Through the training program, you can learn surveillance strategies, serving techniques, research, and methods of proof of serving.


Step 2: Get A License or Certification

There are some states that make the completion certificate or licensure exam as part of the application for process server suffolk county. Aside from completing the training program, some require applicants to submit an application form, pass the background check, and take an exam. Some states require applicants to have liability insurance or at least submit a proof thereof.


Step 3: Have an Experience

If you want to be a process server suffolk county, you can check out positions within the necessary jurisdictions. You can also get your experience in private companies like collection agencies and law offices. You can also start your own business and offer services to law offices. The process server’s time is often spent researching about the recipients of the documents and delivering the documents. As a process server, it is crucial to research and learn as much as you can about the recipients of the papers, their work and the kind of their lifestyle. This way, process servers can offer unparalleled service to its clients.


Step 4: Continue Learning

Process servers never stop learning and educating themselves on the latest trends and laws in the field. Seminars, workshops, and other events at times offer continuing education alternatives. These are arranged by private training academies and sometimes by some professional organizations.