Starting a Tree Service on Long Island. What do You Need?

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Beginning a tree service on Long Island the perfect business for those looking to work for themselves with reduced overhead and a fairly small amount needed for initial investment. Whether you’re experienced or you’re trying to see what you need to do in order to prepare yourself for this venture, you’ll find everything you need to know about starting a tree service in Long Island. Let’s get to it.

Tree Service on Long Island & Nassau County NY & Suffolk County NY

Equipment Needed for Your Tree Service Startup

This is the main expense that anyone has when starting out. However, when you compare it to other business opportunities it is usually the most affordable route to go. Just to make things easy, here’s a basic checklist of the tools you need to start your own tree service in Long Island.

  • Chain Saws
  • Climbing Ropes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ladders
  • Pruning Equipment for Tree Pruning in Long Island
  • Safety Equipment/Harnesses
  • Trailer to Use for Tree Removal in Long Island
  • Truck
  • Wood Chipper

The Legalities of Running a Tree Trimming Company

When you do business. Do it legally. Many businesses and individuals have set themselves up for failure (even those doing tree pruning in Long Island) by operating illegally. Don’t be the next tree industry failure, do things right at the very beginning.

  • Local Agencies Aren’t Beneficial If You’re on Their Bad Side

Check with your city, county, and state government to get the specific for your location. Also, there may be federal licenses required dependent on the extent of services provided by your company. These can easily be found online as well with a simple Google search.

  • Make Sure You’re Covered When Accidents Happen

This is a risky business. People get hurt and things just happen, even trees landing on a car instead of going the wrong direction due to employee negligence. Make sure you don’t let it create an opportunity for financial ruin, get adequate commercial insurance for tree companies.

  • Workers Require Proper Documentation/Employment Strategies

You have two routes that you can go with running a tree service in Long Island, employing independent contractors or actually managing your employees in-house and handling their payroll. The independent contractor route requires certain legal agreements to be signed by both you and the employee that you’ll be using. The latter is the more complex process that requires fulfilling federal employment regulations as well as withholding taxes.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed: Think Outside the Box

There are always ways to further innovate regardless of what industry you’re in, yes even those doing tree removal in Long Island. As a service provider of a particular craft (tree pruning in Long Island being the case of this particular business), you have the most opportunity. It’s as simple as embracing modern technology, not being stuck in your ways, and stepping into the shoes of your customers. That is the true equation to success, proven time and time again.