Metallic Epoxy flooring in Sarasota & Bradenton FL is Taking the Area by Storm

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Metallic epoxy flooring in Sarasota & Bradenton FL is taking the area by storm. It started off as a fad that most people thought would fade out over time, but it is now bigger and more popular than ever and the concept has taken over the globe. It takes a small learning curve and some patients, but you do not have to pay for or rely on big companies to come out and do the job of putting in your metallic epoxy flooring Sarasota – after a little bit of practice and following this guide step by step you can be on your way to applying your own metallic floor coating.



1.) Prepare the flooring material

Making metallic epoxy flooring Sarasota is not much different than making regular epoxy flooring at all. You have to start out the same way bu making sure your concrete surface is completely flat and clean. You then have to grind the surface so that it can be ready for the epoxy primer to be put on which will make sure that the epoxy coat and the floor bind together well. It is vitally important to remember that metallic epoxy floors are very sensitive so any dust, uneven surfaces, or even small cracks can make the surface have total defects. So, while you go through the coating process take your time and make sure you clean and wipe down your surface as you go.

2.) The best way the metallic floors work

In order to make sure that the metallic floor shines and reflects like it is supposed too, it is best if you apply it onto a very dark substrate. This works like a glass mirror. When the glass is blacked out on one side it looks like a mirror and the pigments in the metallic epoxy floors work the same way. If you use metallic colors like blue or silver, they will not look good unless the base floor is blacked out.

3.) Apply the epoxy

There is a true art form to putting down the metallic epoxy coating and making it look just the way you want it. The final texture that you get and how it ends up looking is totally dependent on how you apply it. Some important things to note are that you can apply one color or as many colors as you want and make the floor your own. It is important to measure everything out before pouring so that you don’t put too much and end up without the metallic effect that you want. Finally, in order to make sure that your metallic epoxy floors are even and designed just how you want them, spread them on with a squeegee or roller so that it is uniformly distributed around the whole area.